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Velashape Treatment

Reduce Cellulite

Reduce and remove unwanted cellulite with our Velashape treatments available in the Miami Beach area. At MyKutz, we introduce you to a non-invasive contouring treatment that aids in cellulite reduction anywhere on your body. Safely achieve and tone a beautiful body that is going to attract plenty of confidence boosting attention.

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Velashape Treatments

Reduce cellulite and slim down the areas around your stomach, hips, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks with the Velashape treatments. This slimming treatment is typically completed over the course of four sessions, though single treatment protocols are also available. Each session starts with weighing you and taking your body fat estimates so we can plan for the sessions you will need to meet your goals. We then lay you down on a table, cover the soon to be affected areas with a cooling gel, and use the Velashape machine to heat up your fat cells. Each session is followed by a lymphatic message that moves those heated fat cells to areas where they can be drained.

This process takes approximately one hour per session, and is recommended for anyone looking to lose a little weight. These treatments are perfect for those who have also had liposuction and need to help in tightening up any loose skin.

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