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Masks for Healthier Skin

Give yourself a beauty treatment and feel great with our variety of available spa and face treatments. At MyKutz, we work with you to help bring out the best with our body treatments and pore cleansing. Brighten your complexion and trim your figure with our pampering services. Feel like royalty and turn heads by looking your best in the Miami Beach area.

Beauty Spa Treatment

Get rid of whiteheads, blackheads, and dead skin cells with our deep cleansing charcoal masks. This treatment helps treat acne, evens out skin tone, brightens your complexion, and helps with the elasticity of the skin. You can expect this treatment to last for 30 minutes, and it's recommended once every four weeks to prevent pore buildup. Our charcoal mask treatments are offered to clients aged 16 or older.

With every treatment, we wash your face with warm water before application of the solution. After the solution is applied and dries, the mask attaches itself to any impurities in the skin. After 30 minutes, the mask is then gradually peeled off, removing all impurities it had attached to in your skin. After treatment, you will have skin that is physically smoother, as well as clear and healthy pores. This treatments costs $25 per application.

Black Charcoal Mask